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​All the voices you dreamed of

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Any voice, any language, fast.
2 minutes of samples, infinite synthesis

​Copy all the voices all around the world

Only ​2-minute voice sample of real-life recording quality required
Learning your voice creates a voice, and you can read the script with emotion.
Single language learning, multiple-language-speaking

​Fluent in every language in the world

English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean supported
​ Other languages will also be available in the future (Arabic, Indonesian, etc.)
Own your unique voice

Create a novel voice
never been existed before

You can create new voices by mixing or editing plane voices we provide
​drowsiness, restlessness, 
surprise, fear, excitement
every emotion you define

But we have to find personal fulfillment.
We have to follow our dreams.

Prosody, all at once.

Prosody is Humelo's software for voice storage, modulation, and synthesis.
Currently, it is provided as a standalone application and API. 
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with various partners

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Leading vocal AI industry
Check out Humelo's technologies

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2019.05 .

Phonemic-level duration control using attention alignment for ...

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2019. 11.

A single speech system that can control emotions considering ...

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2019. 04.

Polyphonic Sound Event Detection Using Convolutional Bidirectional...

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2019. 11. 

Multi-task Speech Semantic Recognition having Few-shot ...


we are making

Following the most effective learning method of failure and mistakes.
while eliminating the most serious problem of communication costs.
Humeloness is created under a healthy sense of belonging and rational execution and learning.

#personal growth

​What is your biggest achievement at Humelo?

My biggest achievement is my growth rather than material achievement. Before joining the company, I had vague greed for starting a business and greed for deep learning, but I think the biggest asset I got is what I grew up with as I went through a lot of unexpected problems and solved them.

Backend & Strategy Team Seokwon

I was forced to join the project due to circumstances. Among the many drafts I designed, the one that was fixed had to be remade due to a functional problem. It took a long time to fix, so it took a lot of trial and error, but I finally finished it. When my design is recognized, the achievement is great.

#community spirit

Which team member would you like to work with?

I think it's ideal for someone who is a front-end developer, but also understands the back-end side. The more flexible the workforce, the more attractive it is. In the same vein, I want to be my own project manager and work with someone who can “run” their work rather than “do” the assigned work.

Front-end team  Yejun


design team Soohyun


#our direction

What kind of company would you like Humelo to be?

It's something I'm working on too, but I hope it's a company that maintains an atmosphere of freely giving feedback and accepting each other. Without noticing it, I made it in a hurry, and then I got feedback. I like that free atmosphere.

Frontend Team Jongwook

I want to become a company that can achieve the growth that everyone wants within the framework of the company. I believe that we should align the values that the company seeks with individuals as much as possible, and create a company where all members of the company can grow individually.

PO Yongseok


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